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Auntie April by Face Front Media Productions
Auntie April 
Creator |  Host


I'm Auntie April. I want to help you make a big deal of your girls' birthday! 

My friends are great parents and busy professionals. Parents who want excellent events for their kids and have little time to make it happen; or just don't wanna fool with all the fuss. 

Why Parties?

25yrs of experience in event coordinating, event service, and live music performance brings me here. I have performed professional music, of most genres, for over 20 years, around the world, for amazing people. When not performing or creating, I teach and serve the community with performing arts.

Why This?

Sun, Shine, and Rain was originally a child's television show idea. The idea was great, but I don't make television. I watch it. The children I love, were sad for their Co-Vid birthdays, so it was time to break out some color and music! Your babies deserve everything nice.

Sun, Shine, and Rain parties help everyone be a great host. We'll provide behind the scenes party support for zoom calls and we'll be with Sun, Shine, and Rain, to make sure things go well.


What's the date? How many Bow Ceremonies would you like? 

Send me a few pictures and we'll see you at the party. The girls will be playing with gadgets, singing, dancing, taking pictures, and having a ball connecting with each other for 2 weeks.


We look forward to serving you,

Have a great Birthday!

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